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Cass Lehmann
Teneriffe Athletic Club
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Interior Design

Interior Design in Teneriffe

Warehouse industrial deco, set in an old warehouse in central Teneriffe, this new athletic club is a modern fusion of industrial deco. We paid homage to the existing building by bringing back the original brickwork that was covered with years of paint & cladding. Chesterfield lounges, living green walls, lime render and sponge painted graphics. Old world meets the 21st century training.

In our design, we brought back the characteristics and history of this historic precinct back to life by uncovering beautiful brickwork that had been smothered in layers of change over the years. The concept involved the reintroduction of natural elements including greenery, natural light, and the rich earthiness of the original building materials.

Incredible Result

The Teneriffe Athletic Club is due to open in February 2024. The brief was fulfilled in creating a rich, welcoming space to strengthen the body and the transformation of the historic site is testament to the idea that a strong core, when nurtured and maintained can withstand the test of time.